Musical Line Up for 2015

The committee took the hard decision to cancel the PCMF 2015 due to there not being enough artists who could commit their time on 3rd May to creat the musical standard for which the event is known.

Thank you to Victor Brox for offering his time and amazing talent. A big thank you also to singer songwriter Tony Auton for offering to play. Our newcomer this year would have been Jess Kershaw with her fabulous voice, look out for her on Facebook.

This year, 2015 we have the amazing musician from the original Jesus Christ Superstar concept album, Victor Brox playing for your enjoyment! Bass player extraordinaire Beau, will accompany Victor as he has done for many a year now! John Tapp from Dark Horses and Stringtheory will also be backing Victor.

We welcome Tony Auton a highly regarded singer, songwriter and guitarist in the North West to the 2015 PCMF!

Retro are a newly formed band constisting of Brian Leceister, Graham Cooke, Peter Jackson and Bob Barlow. Well known names from various groups including Billy J Cramer, Random Harvest and Stringtheory.

In our endeavour to keep on the legacy of celebrating Middleton talent we also have an appearance from Jess Kershaw a local girl born and bred in Middleton and with a great voice!

Two young people from Middleton Popstars will be performing two songs on the day following a presentation from Ann Partington about the charity.

Two further bands are due to confirm their musical talents shortly.


Mike Sweeney will be advertising the event on his Radio Manchester broadcasting station.

Follow this link to hear music from the 2014 festival!

This was the musical line up for the 2014 PCMF event.

 Tony Auton Band

Ross Turnbull  Last year Ross was amazing, playing a variety of Peter Cowap’s songs.

The Cherry Hintons

String Theory

Middleton’s own Rock Choir

Musaic with Desi Friel

Victor Brox

The Lol Goodman Band

Followed by multi-instrumentalist Maartin Allcock who you may know from his amazing musical career and from the Jethro Tull band

This page will be updated as and when information becomes available but please feel free to comment! Jacqueline


12 Responses to Musical Line Up for 2015

  1. John Firth says:

    Hi Jacquline, have you seen the comment on the PCMF Facebook page from Maartin Alcock? Maartin has played with just about everybody, just finished a tour with Bet Neilson Chapman. Be a good name to add to the line up. He’s a mate of Desi Friel.

    • Hi John, Yes he has got in touch with Brian Leicester (committee member) and he will be playing on the night!! I think that this year’s PCMF is going to be a brilliant success and already people are going onto the Facebook page and then linking in to this site.

  2. David Turnbull says:

    Hi Jacqueline it’s Ross Turnbull not Ros; would you correct it please.

  3. John Firth says:

    Any bands signed up yet?

  4. David Turnbull says:

    Here’s another suggestion Ross Turnbull, Ross opened the festival last year with some of Peter’s songs, Bogart, Planet Earth he has asked me to put him forward again, he said he would love to play it again and is dipping into Peter’s song book hoping to extend his set. Ross’s own material can be found here

    • Thanks for this David, Ross was absolutely brilliant last year and it was great to hear some of Pete’s songs. The committee have talked about asking Ross to sing again so I will let them know he is interested.
      Cheers, Jacqueline

  5. Jon Firth says:

    I have another suggestion for the gig. Mike Sweeney, Paddy O’Hare & The Collective. Check out their Facebook page. I think you’ll agree they’re a little bit different plus, if they agree to take part, you’ll have the added advantage of some possible PR on BBC Radio Manchester from the Sweens

  6. Jon Firth says:

    May I suggest a young up & coming young band with connections to Middleton. Check out their website:

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